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AMD Partners to Accelerate Glass Substrate Adoption

Currently, many enterprises are turning their attention to the glass substrate market, with SKC, Samsung, LG, and other companies engaging in fierce competition. Compared to traditional organic substrates, glass substrates boast superior physical and...

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LG Revolutionizes Laptop Displays with Tandem OLED

LG has announced the commencement of mass production of the industry’s first tandem OLED panels for laptops, heralding enhanced performance and reduced power consumption. The superiority of these panels is achieved through the integration...

2024 OLED B4 series 0

LG releases 2024 OLED B4 series TVs

LG announces the launch of the 2024 OLED B4 series televisions. LG states that thanks to over a decade of unparalleled excellence in the OLED field, the 2024 OLED B4 series delivers a range...