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Our site is a publishing platform where we often use copyrighted materials in commentary or journalism or transform the materials into something original of their own. As such, before submitting a DMCA notice, it’s important to consider if how the material is used falls under fair use. If you are not sure whether material located on our site infringes your copyright, or if it is subject to fair use protections, you should first consider seeking legal advice.

On our site, if you find links that lead to media/Software files. Then those files are stored somewhere else on the internet and are not a part of our website. This Website does not carry any responsibility for them, only Collects data from the internet and publishes it.

If your copyrighted material has been indexed by Techtutstudio and you want this material removed, you must provide a written communication with exact reference to the content you claim ownership to.

This message must contain the following:

Name and the exact URL of your copyrighted material.
Contact information so that we may contact you (street address, phone and email)
Clear proof of evidence that you own the copyright to said content or evidence that you are a representative of the person/company owning the content.
For such a request , please mail us directly at Go to Contact us.
We suggest that if you really want to permanently remove your copyrighted material from the internet, you should contact the administrator of the physical URL where your copyrighted material is hosted.

We will reply to every request except automatized bot messages or messages missing any information listed above. Please notice it may take up to 48 hours to process your request. Don’t bother sending your request to our ISP, hosting company or anyone else – it will only take MORE time to process your request. We reserve the right to challenge abuses of the DMCA process, and your use of this form does not waive that right.